“We were able to achieve a remarkable shift in the resilience of our leaders – from line leaders through to senior management. Our workforce gained a highly supportive and focused leadership through an unchartered period in our organisation’s history. The integrated leadership program gave us the tools, courage and improved internal relationships to ensure the change program’s success.” Project Director, insurance company

“You are leading us through a maze, challenging us when we reach an intersection and allowing us to make decisions. Without challenging behaviour there will be limited learning. Without leadership there can be no change.” Senior Executive

“The most significant development experience is the realisation that the management style that I have had for well over 10 years has hindered my leadership and done my head in. Coming to this realisation felt like a child finally feeling comfortable with riding a bicycle and made me want to shout about my new found knowledge from the rooftops. Delegation and the support and development of staff is now more important than being the technical expert.” Executive Manager, insurance company

“Whereas previously I might have avoided or despaired about a particular problem, I now know that such challenges are a wake-up call to reflect more deeply, analyse what is going on, think creatively and search for new ways to deal with the problem.” Senior officer, Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet, Leadership Program

“We trust Bridges. They know our organisation; they respect our staff and their capabilities. Their approach is based on knowledge and experience – not a one-size-fits-all formula.” Senior executive, University of Melbourne

“Karen Delvin is a proactive leader who presented detailed initiatives. Extensive consultation resulted in fully agreed projects. Her high quality professional advice flowed through to program management. The business is now set to benefit from enhanced staff capabilities and improved customer satisfaction.” General Manager, banking sector

“I have a sense that I radiate the cultural change our organisation needs now and in the future. I attribute this to the program material. I know that I am having an effect on the people around me. I continually affirm and re-affirm what I do in terms of cultural change through self-reflection and observation of others.” Participant of Leadership Program, Victorian Government agency

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