BI_Illust_Pri_StrategyBridges designs and facilitates business planning processes that take into account the challenges facing contemporary leaders.

Bridges’ approach to strategic planning aligns business strategy with social, cultural and environment goals. We take into account the client’s situation, previous history with business planning and ability to implement business plans.

We assist clients with:

  • corporate strategic planning
  • operational and business unit planning
  • workforce planning
  • customer service planning.

Corporate strategic planning

The Bridges approach to strategic planning includes:

  • creating and communicating vision, mission and values
  • strategic listening – collaborative community consultation
  • alignment of business strategy and culture
  • creative visualisation – imagining the future
  • open space technology.
  • Operational and Business Unit Planning

This typically involves a one to two year business horizon and may include:

  • co-design of the business planning process
  • consultation with the leadership team
  • preparation of a divisional plan by each division leader
  • discussion with key stakeholders
  • consensus building across the broader leadership group.

Workforce planning

Bridges can assist in the development of a strategic workforce planning framework. Better workforce planning results in:

  • targeting core skill requirements
  • better people investment
  • increased retention
  • improved career opportunities for staff
  • workflow demands being met
  • increased productivity
  • improved leadership capability.

Bridges research findings into best practice workforce planning were published in a Victorian Government paper, ‘Meeting our future Victorian Public Service workforce needs’.

Customer service

Bridges links customer service and relationships programs into the broader strategic and cultural agenda.

Our training programs address front line customer service skills, and the more sophisticated needs of service leadership and internal consultants to build effective customer relationships.

Our approach to customer service planning typically involves:

  • assessing the customer service culture
  • facilitating dialogue with customers and other stakeholders
  • developing service leadership – leading service excellence
  • building customer relationships
  • understanding the value you provide to customers.

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