BI_Illust_Pri_LearningThe practice of organisational development underpins Bridges’ approach.

Organisational development deals with the organisation as a system. We encourage organisational leaders to observe their organisation from this perspective and to recognise the value in connecting and aligning strategic change and leadership initiatives into one overarching transformation program.

New structures and processes for decision-making are essential in a world where change is constant. Increased adaption is vital and decisions must be pushed down the hierarchy. There is less probability that today’s solutions will fit tomorrow’s problems.

Work is increasingly knowledge-based and employees are more highly educated. Two-thirds of change efforts fail, so an organisational development practitioner’s expertise is crucial in assisting leaders to confront today’s challenges.

The key principles of organisational development that determine how we engage with clients and design interventions are:

  • Learning is the intent.
  • New knowledge is the key outcome.
  • Change is the result.
  • Business enhancement is mandatory.

We have deep experience and the expertise to:

  • integrate hard economic-based change with people strategies
  • provide data-driven solutions that focus on people and profits
  • design interventions that focus on today and build to the future
  • align organisational members around the same strategic goals
  • assist organisational teams to learn how to learn
  • release and focus organisational members’ abilities
  • strengthen collaboration across the organisation
  • implement change interventions that succeed.

Bridges provides mentoring and training to managers and consultants who wish to enhance their skills in organisational development.

The organisational development profession, like all professions, undergoes regular self-examination and reflects on the value the profession can add in the search for solutions to today’s challenges. Rich and varied views on the current thinking can be found in this publication – Reinventing Organisation Development: David L. Bradford and W. Warner Burke; editors. Pfeiffer.


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