The challenge for an insurance company was to maintain productivity and performance standards while managing unprecedented levels of change. This included staff turnover of more than 50% within a year.

The extent of change fatigue and emotional turmoil was overwhelming company leaders who had to manage their own transformation while supporting the needs of their staff.


Bridges designed a program consisting of:

  • Change leadership workshops for all managers and team leaders, enabling leaders to better handle difficult conversations with staff about current performance and future plans
  • Customised senior leadership development delivered via four residential workshops over 12 months, designed to build personal and professional capacity to lead change and to rebuild organisation capacity
  • The diagnostic tool used was the Human Synergistics Life Style Inventory.


Organisation performance improved and the company maintained productivity – an extraordinary result in such a challenging period. This result was confirmed through hard and soft measures: actuarial business results and cultural measurements.

Managers and team leaders reported they felt better equipped to hold difficult conversations with staff.

The mind set and behaviours of managers and teams leaders shifted towards a more constructive style.

“We were able to achieve a remarkable shift in the resilience of our leaders – from line leaders through to senior management. Our workforce gained a highly supportive and focused leadership through an unchartered period in our organisation’s history. The integrated leadership program gave us the tools, courage and improved internal relationships to ensure the change program’s success.” Project Director, insurance company.

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