The client, ‘William’, a highly intelligent and creative IT design expert working for a global company in a team spanning four continents, was suffering burn-out.  William had come from a small design business and his new supervisor was concerned that this valued employee was losing his way in the large company.


Bridges designed a coaching program for William –15 hours over six months – to help him:

improve work/life balance
manage upwards
manage the expectations of others
define a career vision.

Bridges’ Principal Karen Delvin used the 360 degree Leadership Circle tool as the starting point to provide insights into the drivers of William’s behaviour and competency strengths. This psychodynamic approach examined pivotal experiences at different life stages that had shaped his behaviours and habits of thinking.

This approach allowed William to identify practical ways to change the way he responded to people and to his environment. It gave him insights into his responses and helped him develop different ways to handle issues.


William decided that a priority for him was to set clear boundaries for himself and his team concerning his working hours – this was critical with his team working in different time zones.

William became better at delegating and was clear about what other team members could and would do. Communication with his team became more transparent and he became better at sharing thoughts and ideas – a very important step given that communication was often by phone.

Reflecting that he didn’t need to solve every problem himself, William said: “I’m not one down if someone else in my team solves a problem”. He became more assertive and improved the way he managed up. Importantly, he stopped taking on extra work just because he had the skill to do it – developing the ability to say no.

A highly skilled, analytical IT design expert, William again began to use his creative scientific and intellectual strengths at looking over the horizon for the company. This put the meaning back into his work.

William developed a career vision and his supervisors were very pleased that he grew into a new creative role in the company.

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