Bridges enjoys a strong reputation for working with integrity.

We share with our associates a commitment to effective partnering, environmental sustainability and corporate and social responsibility. We encourage each consultant to bring their unique skills to the team and work collaboratively with our clients.

Bridges core values are:


  • Each person’s contribution is unique and valuable.
  • Treat each person with dignity and respect.
  • Decision making is respectful and collaborative.


  • Maintain focus on the objectives.
  • Trust each person to contribute excellence and value within their professional field.

Learning and growth

  • Maintain a learning perspective – experiment and ask for feedback.
  • Continually build a tolerance for stress and ambiguity.
  • Provide honest feedback to help others grow and develop.
  • Be open and prepared to question, challenge and adjust.
  • Support and encourage others to succeed.


  • Display maturity, initiative and high ethical behaviour.
  • Have the courage to own results without blame, denial and justification.
  • Maintain confidentiality and share information sensitively and constructively.

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