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2014 – UN’s Women’s Empowerment Principles

Step up big business: More Australian organisations need to meet simple gender principles By Angela Priestley, Women’s Agenda / Jul 17, 2014 This week, Oxfam published a report finding that at the current rate of decline, the world will be waiting another 75 years before…

2014 Human Synergistics Conference – Melbourne, Australia

The conference this year explored the different internal business drivers that prompt organisations to focus on their Culture and Leadership Strategies as a way to improve organisational performance. Three dramatically different case studies were presented; one of renewal, one of adaptation and one of growth….

2014 Case Study – Improving customer service through Coaching

A medium sized Victorian business wanted to shift the quality of its client interactions from ‘good’ to ‘great’ beginning with its call centre staff. Read more….

2014 Global Summit of Women 5-7 June – Paris, France

The theme of the twenty-fourth Global Summit of Women in Paris in June 2014 was redesigning economies and societies to improve opportunities for women. This business summit discussed the business case for gender equity, and public/private partnerships for advancing economic opportunities for women and girls…

2014 Congress, BPW International 23-27 May – Jeju Island, Korea

Bridges’ Managing Director Karen Delvin attended the twenty-third Congress of Business and Professional Women International in Jeju, South Korea, in May as a member of Australia’s delegation. BPW International is at the forefront of advice to the United Nations on improving women’s working conditions and…

2013 Global Summit of Women 6-8 June – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Global Summit of Women was conceived as the nexus at which all sectors – public, private and nonprofit – would come together under the common vision of dramatically expanding women’s economic opportunities globally through exchanges of working solutions and creating strategies forged by women…

2012 Human Synergistics Conference: The New Performance Edge: The Rise of the Conscious Organisation

The theme of this year’s conference was – The New Performance Edge: Rise of the Conscious Organisation. The following presentations and videos are now available for viewing: Shaun McCarthy: Conscious Leaders = Transformative Organisations Dr Trish Stratford: The Science of Aha! George Fonua: The LocoMotive…

2011 Human Synergistics 13th Australian Conference on Culture and Leadership

This year’s conference is entitled: Survival of the Fittest – How Successful Organisations Evolve and Adapt to Their Environment in Melbourne. Shaun McCarthy will be presenting very interesting new research on how organisations can transform their culture and operating structures to adapt and change in…

2011 IODA World Conference – Mount Eliza (26 September – 1 October 2011)

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